Our Club is currently closed until further notice as a result of the Government closure of all clubs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Our female entertainers are Girl Next Door dancers that include professional models, actors, artists, college and graduate students, and young professionals.   These women are attracted to a private club like Le Rouge Lounge where there is no required stage dancing, a flexible work schedule, and a supportive environment. 


Lido Lounge is the latest reincarnation by the creator of the original New York City "Girl Next Door" lap dance parties. Le Rouge is a fully licensed adult club for exclusive use of VIP members and guests and just our "Girl Next Door" dancers. The Club is very upscale and includes a semi-private luxurious lap dance room at no extra charge. New plush private rooms are also available. There is a large flat screen TVs for watching major sporting event. State-of-the art sound system. On-premise kitchen with gourmet menu including Filet Mignon.

Apply for membership in our Membership section, or by emailing rsvp@lerougelounge.com  At present, there is no charge for membership.  We suggest that you tell us a little about yourself, including your age and occupation.  A link to a social media account, such as LinkedIn, is helpful but not required.  Let us know how you heard about us and whether you were referred by another member. If you prefer, include your cell number and we can also send you updates by text.  All information is kept confidential.  We try to process all applications within 24 hours and, if approved, will send you a VIP invitation and location address.

VIP admission is only $20.  VIP Members also get a free premium drink ticket 8 PM to Midnight. Free lap dance card if they are with a group of 3 or more persons (including guests). The Lido Lounge operating hours are Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 PM to 3 AM, Thursday and Friday 8 PM to 4 AM, and Saturday 9 PM to 4 AM. We are closed on major Holidays. Please call or text our Hotline at 800-903-1591 to confirm that we are open. 

Lido Lounge is a private club. We reserve the right to deny admission at the door at our sole discretion.  To gain admission at the door, you need to have a copy of the VIP invitation printed out or on your smartphone.  You may also tender your VIP Membership card which may be obtained from the Club location. Le Rouge Lounge operates 100% legitimately and in accordance with all laws and regulations.  Our Club is located in fully licensed establishments including 100% adult licensing.   Le Rouge Lounge has strict rules prohibiting soliciting, prostitution and drug use or possession. We have licensed New York State security guards at each event.

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